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VoIP, which often stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, can be one of the least expensive and most effective ways to provide your business with an efficient and robust telephone line. A typical PBX (Private Branch eXchange) phone system will generally be included with VoIP service as well, along with some other excellent call management capabilities. There are some advantages to using VoIP, including the ability to use extensions and multiple phone numbers. However, there are disadvantages associated with VoIP as well, including the high costs associated with switching over to VoIP from your current conventional telephone service provider. There is another option available that may bring significantly more benefits, but may require additional investments on your part.

One of the most obvious benefits to switching your existing telephone number to a VoIP Phone Service is the added convenience and cost savings. You no longer need to have a landline number or a cell phone number. Instead, all calls made to this new number will be made over the internet protocol (IP). This means that you won’t have to pay any extra fees for telephone usage, which is typically one of the charges that drives people away from voip phone service.

Switching your telephone number over to a hosted VoIP system also gives you a number of options.

Some hosted VoIP services offer hosted sip trunking, which allows you to route voice traffic over your high-speed internet connection. Other hosted VoIP systems offer hosted pbx services, which allows you to interconnect your system with other businesses using similar technology.

In addition, some companies provide hosted voicemail along with their VoIP services.

This enables you to receive and make calls without being connected to your personal telephone. Similar to hosted pbx systems, voip services may also offer advanced voicemail features, such as auto attendant, call forwarding and call waiting. You can easily integrate your hosted voicemail solution with your computer and web based email applications, allowing you to manage your voice messages from anywhere.

Although many businesses are making the switch to internet protocol (IP) because they believe it’s the way of the future, many businesses are switching back to traditional analog phone lines. There are a number of reasons why switching to a VOIP solution is a good idea for your company. For one, there are many more options available in the marketplace today than there were just a few short years ago. Secondly, your cost savings will far outweigh the cost of switching. Thirdly, many businesses will experience an immediate rise in productivity once they begin utilizing a VOIP phone system.

In addition, when your employees to switch over to using VOIP and you begin utilizing high-quality VoIP providers, they will be able to work more efficiently and be more productive. One feature that most VoIP providers offer is call waiting, which allows the customer to wait a certain period of time before an incoming call is made. This is tremendously valuable because it allows you to prioritize which calls should be placed in order to maximize the level of service and customer service provided.

Another benefit that many business owners enjoy is the ability to utilize voice over IP (VOIP) to connect with other offices that may be located very far away. Many providers provide long-distance calling features for free, and these long distance features are highly dependable. Furthermore, many VoIP providers offer international calling features at a very low price. These international call facilities are usually offered only to large or extremely large businesses, but if you’re a small or medium sized business, you may be eligible for them. In fact, some of these international calling facilities are even available without any extra charges to the individual user.

  • Another major advantage of using VOIP for business is that you don’t have to purchase a traditional phone line rental. Business phone lines are very expensive, and they can become more expensive depending on how much distance the calls have to cover.
  • With a VOIP provider, you get one low monthly bill, regardless of how many minutes you use. Also, when you make long distance calls using a VOIP provider, you don’t have to pay any extra money to include caller ID.
  • The majority of business VoIP services provide all these facilities, and this is why many companies find that using VOIP for business makes total sense.