5 Minutes with Sugar (OLPC Desktop)

Had the opportunity to try out Sugar Labs Sugar Sugar environment for the One Laptop Per Child program. It’s a simple educationally-oriented desktop now easily installed on a USB thumb-drive . My take? Alright for kids in a group, but too limited for students above elementary school.




Just discovered sryo’s Modspots.net a small hub of low profile customization sites (on the English speaking area of the internet), of which Skinyourscreen is proudly noted (under mrbiotech)!

Sryo aptly brings together numerous skinning news sites, shells, developers, and artists for your perusal

Check out sryo’s LiteStep themes at LS-Lab and catch skinning news updates at Skinnables.org


5 Minutes with SharpE Shell

Here’s my 5 minute take on the SharpE alternative desktop environment for computers running Microsoft Windows (XP or higher). SharpE has great configuration, looks great, incorporates many of the best features of alternative shells (widgets, virtual windows, etc.), is skinnable, and is free. See it in action!


Rainlendar on Mac

Rainlendar on Mac OS X

Rainlendar’s got a Mac version, and I didn’t know about it until LifeHacker mentioned Rainlendar as their number one calendar application. Looks like Rainlendar’s got every platform covered now, with Windows first, Linux second, and finally the Mac OS X frontier. Looks like I’ve got some skinning to do!


Big Fat Footers

Web Designer Wall footerRemember when footers in websites used to be tiny text with links to XHTML and CSS validation and some legal disclaimers? It seems lately that more and more sites are switching a decent chunk of site navigation to expanded, multi-column footers. They range from banal, minimalistic, functionalist (musiciansfriend.com) to highly graphical. In many cases the footer becomes a graphical signature of equal importance to the site headers at the top (webdesignerwall.com and blog.spoongraphics.co.uk, notably), stylistic punctuation to your browsing experience.



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