5 Minutes with SharpE Shell

Here’s my 5 minute take on the SharpE alternative desktop environment for computers running Microsoft Windows (XP or higher). SharpE has great configuration, looks great, incorporates many of the best features of alternative shells (widgets, virtual windows, etc.), is skinnable, and is free. See it in action!

...and now

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Easily skinnable? Sounds like something fun to try.

I’m off to have a look at it right now :-)
Nice little review there Rich.

It’s pretty cool, but it is darned slow :-( I can’t see how I get back to explorer though, other than to open the setShell option in the SharpE folder ????

There should be an uninstall option which automagically resets the shell. Lemme know if it doesn’t work: we’ll get you back to your preferred shell! :)

In the end I just set up a taskbar button to do the job (doh!)… similarly by pinning ‘Setshell’ to the explorer menu I now have a quick way to duck & dive. :-)
Got the speed problem sorted as well… it was my firewall reading a Sharp process as an attack.



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